Housatonic River Natural Resource Restoration
            --Restoration Project Selection Procedure--




  FINAL Restoration Project Selection Procedure - 1MB -  pdf file

The Restoration Project Selection Procedure (RPSP) provides a procedural framework for the solicitation, evaluation, and selection of compensatory restoration projects for the Massachusetts portion of the Housatonic River Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) and restoration process. Compensatory restoration projects are projects that restore, rehabilitate, replace, and/or acquire the equivalent of injured natural resources and the services provided by those resources.

NOTE:  The RPSP is not a formal solicitation for project proposals or ideas. 





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This document includes descriptions of the following:
  • the restoration goals and priorities of the MA SubCouncil;
  • the project solicitation process;
  • the project evaluation process, including the criteria that will be applied to proposed projects; 
  • the process for compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act and the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act, and;
  • the method by which the MA SubCouncil will select restoration projects for implementation.

The RPSP also includes conceptual application formats for proposed projects and contractual documents that will be required for disbursement of funds.


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